Thursday, 5 May 2016

Chicken porridge with delicious toppings

Chicken porridge become one of Indonesian food suitable consumed anytime. Make breakfast, dinner, and even for snacks was still delicious! Because not only a booster stomach, but also as a release hunger, chicken porridge had to be delicious. Come enjoy this delicious chicken porridge 5.

1. Chicken Porridge Barito, Gandaria

I think almost all the citizens of the capital, know where this one. Barito chicken porridge is indeed famous and legendary really! lot of topping. Additional chips in length, which is similar to the skin of dumplings, a favorite topping visitors. Variations satenya anything worth really you taste one by one. Anyway, you should try and immediately drove to the scene at Jl. Gandaria Tengah III No. 46, Kebayoran Baru, 12620.

2. Chicken Porridge Cikini

Porridge this one no less legendary because it had stood for 30 years! A taste of the porridge is not asked, awful! Especially evocative toppings such as chips, cakwe, shredded chicken, tongcai to soybeans that tastes incredible. His cock also use chicken and clean. They are open 24 hours! Immediately drove to the slurry Cikini, HR Sulaiman Cirebon, Jl. Cilosari 121-A, Cikini.

3. Chicken Porridge Sukabumi, Tebet

Sukabumi chicken porridge is famous for savory creamy texture. The topping are shredded meat, celery, onion, and cakwe grain porridge and eggs make it more complete. Moreover, there are additional tongcai salty savory. Not only tasty, chicken porridge is also really cheap, special chicken porridge 12,500 ONLY! If you are based in Tebet area, do not forget a visit to Jl. Tebet Barat In II, (near Cheesecake Factory Tebet), South Jakarta.

4. Chicken Porridge Senopati

Senopati Chicken Porridge is already well known to all over Jakarta. Many people are recommending this chicken porridge for deliciousness. A taste of curry sauce Chicken Porridge Senopati very distinctive and has a taste that is light and savory. One serving of Chicken Porridge Senopati sold for Rp 10,000, her chicken broth was tasty but fitting the tongue. If you want to enjoy Chicken Porridge Senopati should arrive before 10 am due to the passing of the hours you will surely run out.

5. Chicken Porridge Kamseng, West Jakarta

In West Jakarta exactly behind Hotel Jayakarta there is a place to eat that offers chicken porridge super delicious. Chicken Porridge Kamseng is open 24 hours. Many kinds of porridge you can choose from, ranging from Plain Porridge, Porridge Chicken, Seafood Porridge up cow slurry. A plate of chicken porridge here fairly large size and can be eaten for 2 people. Kamseng porridge texture is very soft but not too thick. Cakwe eaten with porridge, egg pitan, or crackers dumplings.

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