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Interesting Indonesia Movie

Indonesia today is not only famous for its natural and cultural wealth. Today many tourist attractions were very interesting and acclaimed beauty by people from foreign countries. And not only that, Indonesia also has featured films are no less exciting with Hollywood films. Let's seeNEGERI LIMA MENARA

 Negeri 5 Menara are the novel by Ahmad Fuadi published by Gramedia in 2009. This novel tells about the lives of six students from six different areas studying in Pondok Madani (PM) Ponorogo, East Java home away from home and succeeded in realizing the dream of reaching the world's window , They are:

Alif Fikri Chaniago of Maninjau
King Lubis from Medan
Said Jufri from Surabaya
Dulmajid of Sumenep
Atang from Bandung
Baso Salahuddin of GowaThey go to school, learn and boarding from grade 1 to grade 6. Every day they grow closer and share the same passion that sits under the tower lodge civil. From the same passion they refer to themselves as Sahibul Tower.Alif was born on the shores of Lake Maninjau and never touched the ground outside the realm of Minangkabau. His childhood was a windfall hunting in the jungle of Bukit Barisan, playing football in the muddy rice fields and of course the shower splashed in the blue water of Lake Maninjau.Suddenly he had to take a bus three days and nights across the back of Sumatra and Java to a remote village in East Java. His mother wanted him to be Buya Hamka though Alif want to be Habibie. Reluctantly she followed orders mother, studied at the cottage.On the first day classes in Pondok Madani (PM), Alif fascinated by magic "magic man jadda wajada". Who earnest must be successful.He was surprised to hear a football commentator who speak Arabic, child delirious in English, goose bumps to hear thousands of people singing the poem Abu Nawas and impressed to see the cottage every morning like floating in the air.United by a chain Jewer punishment, Alif close friends with the King of Medan, Said of Surabaya, Dulmajid from Sumenep, Atang of Bandung and Baso of Gowa. Under the towering minarets, six of them often wait maghrib staring violet clouds were drifting back to the horizon. In the eyes of their young, the clouds were transformed into a dream state and continents respectively. Where youthful dreams have brought them? They do not know. All they know is: Never underestimate the dreams, even as high as anything. God truly Hearer.


 Broadly speaking, this novel tells the story of the life of some kid in Belitong. Andrea Hirata started with the sad tale of the world of education in Indonesia where a school is short of students and will be shut down. The school is in the Hanging SD Muhammadiyah East Belitung. However, because students are enrolled there were ten students, the school with the makeshift buildings will still be allowed to operate as usual. All ten students are the army of the rainbow. Name given their teacher named Mrs. Mus, because of their penchant for rainbow. Who are they?The characters in this novel are Ikal, Lintang, Sahara, Mahar, A Kiong, Syahdan, Kucai, Borek, Trapani, and also Harun. They are best friends whose story is fascinating world through the cold hands of the writer. Laskar Pelangi book tells their days at school and in the social environment. They are the children of the village with exceptional determination. Their journey full of unexpected events. Slowly they find excellence in themselves and friendship. This may be the focal point of Andrea Hirata. He is also good comedy inserts in this story.

Catatan Akhir Sekolah

Final Notes School at the start of a friendship three men Agni, Alde, and Arian high school student Dawn of Hope. They had an idea to make a documentary about the life of their school. They uncovered a huge secret in school.Starting from the records of a student who ran away from classes and rollicking smoking behind the school, about a student who OD (overdose) drug, about a lover who rudely named Ray who likes to slap his girlfriend graceful, until the cases of corruption committed by the head schools and parents.The end of the novel, they aired the documentary in the event of separation of grade 3, recording the principal, the events of the dark inside the school, the love story of Ray and Alina revealed all witnessed by teachers, students of school occupants, all of those records Endnotes in school.The film is very good because of the moral message of the film obtained as a teenager at the time behavior illustrates the association that smoking can damage the morale of the next generation, how well the true meaning of friendship and love in the times of the school. 


Madre movie tells how the history of a person's life changed in one day only with a key refrigerators containing bread dough starter is 70 years old named Madre. In the course of Madre able to change the fate and the future direction of Tansen adolescents aged 27 years without any preparation.Madre is derived from the Spanish word meaning 'mother' and in this case is a source of very old bread. Grandfather sure, that's his only direct descendants could revive the bakery that had stood since the 60s and has now ceased operations. Tansen was a surfer who chose to live freely without the shackles of routine. He is obsessed to find the highest waves to conquer. Only one new routine two years, he elaborated, to share his experiences on a blog named Sang Pencari Ombak

Tansen met with his blog readers who are also entrepreneurs Fairy Bread bakery named Meilan Tanuwidjaja. May initially interested in buying Madre, but eventually he decided to cooperate with Tansen selling classic bread. The partnership turned into a special relationship, there are seeds of love that grows between them. Crossroads, Tansen who adore the waves, freedom, and a loner must decide. Whether to accept Madre and the circle of life that surrounds it and Mei, who has stolen his heart

Filosofi Kopi  (Philosophy Coffee)

Philosophy Coffee is a work of fiction books Dewi Lestari is fondly called by the name of Dee. In addition to Philosophy Coffee, other works Dee is Supernova, Rectoverso and Paper Boat. Through this Philosophy Coffee book, Dee would like to present how to fight a man who has a hobby of the coffee and coffee make sense from the standpoint of life. This book was awarded as the best literature in 2006 by Tempo magazine. In the same year, Philosophy Coffee also managed to be crowned the Big 5 Equator Award for fiction.The core of the film which tells the story of Philosophy Coffee cafe debt that threatens the existence of Philosophy Coffee shop founded by Jody and Ben. In the midst of the struggle to overcome debt and winding conflict between them, an entrepreneur comes up with challenges that could save Philosophy Coffee cafe. With his expertise Ben managed to mix the coffee named Perfecto, until the presence of El who say there is better coffee than the Ben masterpiece coffee undermine everything. Ben and Jody have no choice but to go looking for Coffee Tiwus that will determine the survival of Philosophy Coffee and friendship.  


in addition to several films above, there are many other interesting movies that you can try watching at home.
I'll give you some other interesting movies

Ada Apa dengan Cinta

Mengejar matahari

Get Married

Nagabonar jadi 2

Bukan Cinta Biasa

The Raid

Battle of Surabaya


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